eCoursesPK – Distance Learning Online Education Startup in Pakistan

About Us

eCoursesPK is a premier online courses provider in Pakistan. An education startup, now study online short certification courses in Pakistan. With proven experience in spreading affordable and best quality education at your home, thus fulfilling market needs. As a startup and with minimum resources we operate virtually and are fully committed when it comes to delivering quality education. Our aim is to provide on-line education and training programs to students who are unable to attend physical classes and cannot afford to pay hefty amounts and acquire education. Our team works around the clock to deliver the very best with customized solutions.

The Beginning of a new era in Education | How it all started

It all started in the winter nights of 2013. A number of graduates from Pakistan’s top business schools while discussing and prioritizing the top issues, our country is facing today came up with the conclusion that education is and will become the biggest concern for Pakistan in future. Something needs to be done. While having a sip of hot chicken soup they decided to come up together to form a virtual education centre. Having no resources but sheer passion, determination a can-do and must-do attitude along with some basic business understanding, they started to offer affordable short on-line courses and impart quality education.

Our core business idea revolves around acquiring or hiring best teachers or skilled professionals for resource development, designing course in simple concept yet focusing on effective learning methodology to deliver learning. We do not offer any course with out prior proof reading by various academic heads and professionals of various organizations, maintaining and enhancing quality of education in Pakistan.

Our course delivery model enables us to offer a seamless mix of high quality education resources at a cost savings ranging 40% to 60%. In addition to cost or tuition and travelling fees savings, we leverage on an overall English speaking educated workforce, a modern and continuously developing IT infrastructure. Although our client (student) base comes from across the country, our focus is largely on IT and Education enabled industry.