eCoursesPK – Distance Learning Online Education Startup in Pakistan

eCoursesPK Logo

eCoursesPK logo has inspired and is liked by many people working in or outside education field. Want to know what our logo depicts.

The Cloud

When ever we see a grey cloud in the sky, we feel happy and jubilant because it depicts that it is a rain cloud and will bring blessings and showers on the land. Similarly, the cloud in our logo highlights that we work on cloud platform bringing affordable education to different parts of our country. Although the cloud is at a distance from us, yet it showers rain and spreads happiness on every face.

The Book and the Mouse Connection

The book and mouse connection shows that how education and knowledge is transforming our environment in the new era of information technology, and new and better ways of educating masses are becoming available for all. The book culture is slowly going away and on-line education is the new trend.

The e in the name highlights the electronic learning or e learning environment. PK is the short code for Pakistan.  

Finally the blue colour highlights trust, friendship and a strong bondage. We are fully committed in providing excellent education via distance learning, so you do not need to go anywhere, just study at your home or anywhere you feel comfortable.

eCoursesPK Official Logo