eCoursesPK – Distance Learning Online Education Startup in Pakistan



What is eCoursesPK?

eCoursesPK is a premium on­line education virtual startup institute providing the finest home based on­line e­learning in the market today. You may contact us to know more about us.

What are the system requirements to run an on­line course?

Generally courses at a minimum require:

• 500MHz+ Processor, 128MB of RAM

• Minimum screen resolution 800×600

• Internet Explorer 7 or later, Firefox 3.0 or later, Google Chrome.

• Adobe Flash 9.0 or later

• Minimum connection; broadband (512 kpbs or higher) connection recommended (for one time

downloading all the files)

• Sound card with speakers or headphones strongly recommended.


eCoursesPK staff believes that you have a basic understanding to use internet/email etc. You MUST know how to DOWNLOAD in order to receive study material

Can I access the on­line courses using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome?

Yes, absolutely!

How can I access the study materials?

Once you are enrolled, you will be provided the study materials via download links. You can save all the files of the course you are enrolled in.

How do I en­roll on­line?

Simply fill up the on­line form in our En­roll Now Tab. Once the form is submitted and the payment is processed, eCoursesPK will notify you with instructions. This typically takes 1­-2 days after the form is submitted and the eligibility and payment of fees is verified placed during normal business


Can anyone take an on­line course?

Our on­line courses are open to anyone with Internet access, anywhere in Pakistan.

Where do classes take place?

eCoursesPK on­line courses take place wherever your computer is: at home, at work, on the road anywhere you can connect to the Internet.

What is my class timings?

Technically there are no class times. You can study whenever it is convenient for you, at any time, day or night.

Will you send me PPT's, Books, CDs, DVDs, or PDF files?

All of our training materials are on­line, web­ based courses which are only available through the Internet. We do not have any material that we can send to you by postal mail. Our courses are not available on CD or DVD in market.

Can I download the courses and take them offline?

Yes, all of our study materials are on­line, web­ based courses which are only available through the Internet. The courses cannot be downloaded and taken offline by non members or unregistered students. They are not available in any offline format. (Registered students must make sure NOT to share files with anyone, Read our Terms on Enroll Tab).

Will I need to buy and learn to use complicated software?

These courses are completely web ­based. There is no additional software that you need to buy. The courses are designed for learning and allow anyone with even basic computer skills to be taking courses in minutes.

How much time do I get to complete a course?

The time required to complete a particular course is usually 3 – 6 months.

Do I need to buy a textbook?

There are no books to buy, and no live classes to attend.

Will I receive a certificate of completion for taking these courses?

Certificates of completion/participation are only available for successfully completing course requirements.

Will there be more courses available in the future?

New courses are being added all the time.

How do I take a course?

After you submit your fees, you gain access to eCoursesPK resources. It is important that you provide us your email address.The links to eCoursesPK resources will be provided on the specific email address provided by you.

What makes these on­line courses high quality?

Our e­learning courses are based on sound principles, from extensive research in instructional design, adult learning and information processing. The on­line course(s) are designed by specialists and monitored by top industry professionals so that new knowledge and skills will be remembered and retrieved for future use.