eCoursesPK – Distance Learning Online Education Startup in Pakistan

How it works

eCoursesPK is giving people of Pakistan an opportunity to up-skill and learn new knowledge and skills, opening up new opportunities like never before. This section explains the “Learning Methodology” for all the programs offered at eCoursesPK. Achieving qualification from eCoursesPK is a simple 4 steps procedure.


Step-1: Online Enrolment

Students may easily enrol now by completing the “Enrolment Form” available on the website. The student has to provide us evidence of fees payment. eCoursesPK staff will confirm the eligibility and payment on successful completion of application.

Please submit the required information on the enrolment form, once your application is received in our system, you will receive an email mentioning your invoice number and student ID for fees payment. After you pay your fees, email us the required details and after confirmation, you will receive links of your desired course within 48 business hours. If for any reason you need to contact us, always mention your invoice and student ID in all future correspondence. You may feel free to Contact Us for further queries. eCoursesPK reserves the right not to accept the admission, if the applicant does not full-fill the eligibility criteria of the course.

Step-2: Download Content

Once the student get the links in email, he/she MUST download all the study contents. The content is “TRUSTED” i.e. virus and bug free, however eCoursesPK accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for any mishap to the student computer or device. It is student’s responsibility to find him/her self proper and uninterrupted internet connection for downloading all the contents for further off-line study, and also access the internet at the time of final examination.

Students are advised to appear for the exam/quiz only when they feel confident to appear in the exam. Once the student logs in the exam, he/she must complete the exam/quiz. eCoursesPK examination team will hear no excuse whatsoever and NO second chance will be given to reappear in the exam. Therefore be careful to read the exam guidelines before appearing. All the study material including e-Manuals, e-Lectures, etc. are the property of eCoursesPK student(s) does not have any right to share or distribute or edit any of the study material. In case of doing so, his/her admission will be terminated immediately and legal action may shall be taken in the relevant court of law.

Step-3: Study Offline

eCoursesPK offers 100% Flexible Study Environment. In this system, students

  • Choose their own time to study and attend lectures
  • Make their own schedule to complete and submit the assignment
  • Decide their own date and time for the examination (within a course duration)

The relevant academic resources will also be available to the students soon. They include the following:

On-line lectures with e-books. They may cover theory, examples, applications and case studies related to the course. These high-tech lectures are the result of knowledge of leading professors of business management, who have worked along with eCoursesPK in preparation of these course(s). The duration of these lectures is counted in several hours. On-line Study Manuals is designed by eCoursesPK technical staff, scholars and practitioners. They help students to study every topic with several theoretical and practical aspects. The average size of each e-Book is more than 100 pages.

On-line Conferencing with Faculty will be available soon. Thus, student may contact via email for any question for the betterment and improvement of his/her learning.  This feature is available on a pre-defined schedule. On-line Discussion Forum will also be available soon. It is an open forum for eCoursesPK students to learn, share and enjoy. It is in fact a professional community, which give you access to hundreds and thousands of students and knowledgeable professionals from all over Pakistan. On-line Assignment are the regular assessments and quiz, designed to enhance the understanding and knowledge of each student. Questions in Final Assessment are all MCQ’ s type. Students need to complete Assignment(s) and submit for a particular course, before they may request for final examination. The passing marks is 70 for all courses.

Step-4: Pass Exam & Get Certified

On-line Examinations are scheduled by students, considering their available day and time (and of course, in the duration of the course).  The online exam is conducted with partnership by a 3PS (third party site or tools), giving student instant feedback of the attempt . As the exam is conducted over the internet therefore, student does not need to travel anywhere to appear in the examination. THERE ARE NO EXTRA OR HIDDEN CHARGES FOR APPEARING IN THE EXAM. After the assessment of exam, if the student pass the exam a certificate for participation is awarded for that particular course. eCoursesPK is not responsible if the duration of a student expires and he/she doesn’t sit in the exam. Therefore keep track of your course duration.

The certificate is digitally signed and will be emailed to student(s), make sure to provide us a valid email address. Students may print and use the certificate in professional life. All the certificates have a unique ID, that can be verified by contacting us.

Need any further clarification, please contact us.