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English Language Course Classes Pakistan


English Language Course Classes Pakistan

English Language course classes Pakistan. Online English language classes via distance learning. Best online classes home based courses. eCoursesPK offers English Language classes Online Pakistan. Online English language classes via distance learning. Best online classes home based courses. Welcome to our Best English Language Speaking Course Online in Pakistan. We hope you will find the English Language Course quite innovative  in its approach. We want everyone to learn English Language and Grammar in Pakistan, and that too in the comfort of your own home, at a pace and time that suits you best. English is one of the most accepted languages in the world and is considered as the international language of business. If your first language is not English and you would like to grow professionally or personally, learning online it is one of the best choices you can make.

English Language Course Classes in Pakistan …

English is a living language spoken by an estimated 450 million people around the world.  Learning a language is vital not only to communicate thoughts and ideas but it also develops information, friendship, cultural ties and economic relationship. As for English is concerned, it is a most popular language spoken by millions of people across the world. English language has a rich history of hundreds of years back.

Curriculum Design
This curriculum has been prepared with a view of meeting the requirement of all who wish to study English systematically divided into different levels or lessons. These levels offer the easiest way to learn, know,
understand, read, speak, write and to converse in English.

Why are we Different?
Our course is unique combination of English language lessons and provide learning exercises. The English Grammar On-line Course is designed by industry qualified professionals, after thorough research.

The eCoursesPK Advantage

The best learning experience in an affordable price.

How to Learn English Grammar On-line in Pakistan?

Learning English Grammar has become a necessity nowadays. Whether it is being taught at school level, college or  university level, we all have to become perfect in this language. Why? The answer is quite simple because  without English the survival of an individual in a professional world is quite impossible. If you are worried about how to Learn English Grammar on-line then do not worry. eCoursesPK offers English Grammar Course On-line. Now you can Study English Grammar Course at your home, via distance learning across Pakistan.

eCoursesPK English Speaking Course is designed by industry professional and delivered by eCoursesPK on its on. Learn correct English Speaking Style and Tenses. This on-line English Speaking Course is for Pakistani people who wish to improve English Reading and Writing Skills at home. No need to go and take average English Classes or institutes when you can study the whole course at your home.

Why Learn English Grammar Online ?

It is quite simple to say that many of us do not understand English Grammar. Even the grammatical or simple to understand terminologies are not being understood by us in English, like what to say while we speak in the past, the present or in the future.

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This on-line course offers a comprehensive review of basics of English grammar and is ideal for those already fluent in English who want to improve their writing skills, as well as their spoken English.

It examines spelling, grammar and present past tenses including understanding of clauses, which means you will be able to write English more confidently – enhancing both your personal and professional skills.



After completing this course you will have a good understanding of the rules of English grammar and be able to communicate more clearly. You will improve your spelling and knowledge of tenses, clauses, simple past, future tenses and more.


Flexible studying option suits to individuals and working professionals
Lesson by academic and industry experts
Excellent value and competitively priced
Effective and Blended Learning
Self-paced Learning – Learning at your own time
Universally Accessible – anywhere, anytime

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The English Grammar course / program comprises of 7 Lessons. In these lessons, following areas are covered. Click the (+) sign below to know about course contents.

Lesson One:

The Simple Present of the verb “to be”

Lesson Two:

The Simple Present of verbs other than the verb to be

Lesson Three:

The Present Continuous

Lesson Four:

The Present Perfect and the Present Perfect Continuous

Lesson Five:

The Simple Past

Lesson Six:

The Past Continuous, The Past Perfect and The Past Perfect Continuous

Lesson Seven:

The Future Tenses
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Duration2 – 3 Months
Study Time per Week4 – 5 hours/week
Program FeesPKR 6,500 (No extra or hidden charges)
Study Mode100% Distance Learning | Self Paced
Study Resources eBooks and 24/7 Academic support
Course Start DateEnroll & study any-time, as per convenience

Eligibility CriteriaThis course is an open enrolment program. No minimum education or experience is required. Applicants must have basic working knowledge of reading English, using PC and Internet
Registration ValidityFour (4) Months from the date of receiving course links
Discount Special discount when you enrol in any of our other courses 


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When you study grammar, you are studying the structure of languages, and learning about how languages work. Today’s world is fast paced, and those who does not understand English tend to leave behind.  Take charge of your career and increase your credibility! English Grammar Certification from eCoursesPK looks great. Become more desirable to your employer.


Brought a modern concept of Home based education (virtual institution) in Pakistan for students who cannot afford to study at top professional institutions.
Learning transferred through fun yet professional approach
Our on-line courses are comprehensive and interesting
We follow strict standards to impart quality and affordable education in Pakistan


Exclusive e-book


This English Grammar On-line Course is ideal for individuals working as or aspiring to work as Bloggers, Internet Marketers, Speakers  or Language Assistants:

Anyone who wants to learn proper English Grammar

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