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SEO Training Courses in Pakistan – Online SEO Course

Open the door to a career in Search Engine Optimization – SEO Training Course in Pakistan – Online SEO Course

SEO Training Courses Pakistan - Online SEO Certification Course

SEO Training Courses Pakistan – Online SEO Course.

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This SEO Training Course in Pakistan is an online program offered by eCoursesPK across Pakistan,  that links the theory of Search Engine Optimization with the practical SEO training practices to rank any website on first page of Google. This SEO Course is designed to ensure skills mastery and professional credibility.

– You will learn techniques how to rank well on Google.
– Hands-on understanding of basic to advanced SEO techniques and tricks will also contribute in your income if you tend to provide SEO services in future.

SEO Course is aimed to produce highly skilled professionals for IT and SEO jobs in Pakistan. With learning SEO, you are capable of performing key roles in establishing and in managing websites of different organizations.


  • A recognized qualification in Search Engine Optimization
  • Flexible scheduling to suit individuals and working professionals
  • Excellent value and competitively priced
  • Effective and Blended Learning
  • Curriculum designed by leading SEO professionals and practitioners
  • Self-paced learning system
  • Universally Accessible – anywhere, anytime

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a key role in modern organisations and businesses, be they private sector, public sector or voluntary. This online course in SEO covers diverse topics. This course gives a thorough and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the important role SEO plays in optimizing websites on Google , and will be of great interest to people who want to make a career in SEO, as well as those who are pursuing a career in this area.

SEO Training Courses Pakistan – Online SEO Course


This online home based course will teach you the basics of Search Engine Optimization. The course starts with the very basics and after completing the course you would have learnt different topics related to successfully optimizing a website on Google. It will help you to understand the on-page , off-page and increasing Page Rank (PR) techniques. Identify the components of a successful online marketing plan. Analyze your current online presence. Create keyword strategies that can be applied to website development and search engine optimization (SEO). Learn the primary components of SEO, and how they can improve your business. Create pages that influence search engines while keeping visitors interested. Learn how to effectively use social media to get the attention of your target audience. Apply proven tracking methods to your site and deploy successful marketing campaigns. Generate traffic to your website through linking strategies, search engine marketing, advertising, video marketing, email marketing, article distribution, and social media.

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The SEO course comprises of 2 Modules. In these courses, following areas are covered. Click the (+) sign below to know the course content.

Module One:

What is SEO
SEO Strategies & Techniques
SEO Website Area
SEO Related File names
SEO Design & Blueprint
SEO Improved Keywords
SEO Optimized Meta tags
SEO Optimized Anchors
Content Is The King
SEO Optimized Meta tags
XHTML Authentication for Web Site
SEO Expert Hiring
SEO Link Building
Various Other Techniques
SEO Summary

Module Two:

The Importance of Google
How Google Works
Researching Best Keywords
Structuring your Site Correctly
Optimizing Your Web Pages
Linking Your Pages Properly
More Advanced Techniques
The Significance of Links
All About PageRank – PR
Submitting Your Site to Directories
Getting Ready for Linking
Which Links to Focus On
Putting It All Together
Google Panda, Penguin
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Duration4 – 5 Months
Study Time per Week6 – 8 hours/week
Program FeesPKR 8,000 (No extra or hidden charges)
Study Mode100% Distance Learning | Self Paced
Study Resources Comprehensive Manual, 24/7 Academic support
Course Start DateEnroll & study any-time, as per convenience
Eligibility CriteriaThis course is an open enrollment program. No minimum education or experience is required. Applicants must have basic working knowledge of English, PC and Internet
Registration ValiditySix (6) Months from the date of receiving course links


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Take your career to the next level and increase your credibility! Best SEO – Search Engine Optimization Course from eCoursesPK looks great on your resume and job application. Become more desirable to your employer. Employers are always looking at the bottom line and SEO Professionals help keep costs down and the website rankings up. Your employer will appreciate that you took the initiative to participate in a complete SEO Course Online.


Brought a modern concept of Home based education (virtual institution) in Pakistan for students who cannot afford to study and pay huge fees at top professional institutions.
Learning transferred through fun yet professional approach.
Our courses are comprehensive and interesting.
We follow strict standards to impart quality education in Pakistan.


Exclusive e-book (more than 200+ pages)
Professional Networking (after Completing Full Course)


Over 25 lessons and several hours of exclusive learning content!
Learn the very basics of White Hat SEO Techniques
Master various SEO core Functions
Learn to Improve On-Page and Off-Page Rankings
Learn how to stay on top of Google
Be an effective SEO Consultant
Be proficient at SEO Best Practices


The Online Course in Search Engine Optimization is ideal for individuals working as or aspiring to work as SEO Professionals , Internet Marketing Professionals, or IT Administrative Assistants:

  • Entry Level SEO Professionals willing to make a career in SEO
  • Mid Level SEO Professionals
  • Internet Marketing Experts
  • Seasoned SEO Consultants and SEO Professionals aiming to update knowledge
  • All Those Who Wish to Earn a Decent Income while working on Internet
  • Students & Business Graduates, seeking career in SEO and Blogging.
  • Marketers, business owners, business professionals, and others responsible for internet marketing will get the tools they need to increase sales or improve the visibility of their company or organization. Those who require online marketing continuing education to seek professional promotion and anyone considering a career change to the field of online marketing will also benefit from the program.
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Why Study SEO Online
Take your career to the next level and increase your credibility! Search Engine Optimization Online Course from eCoursesPK looks great. Become more desirable to your employer. Employers are always looking at the bottom line and SEO Professionals help keep costs down.